Off Beat Records
Label artwork for Off Beat Records' second and third in house record mix releases, OBR002 & OBR003.
Using the demo's of OBR002 as an audio reference I configured a pattern to represent the music from the mix. By researching Cymatics during the same time I was intrigued how sounds or music can create patterns by playing through a Chladni Plate with sand scattered on top. Certain noted would create elaborate patterns with the sand due to the frequency and the vibrations the note or body of music would make. I used this as a source of influence as I use the BPM of the songs during the manipulation process.
OBR003 release required something vibrant, colourful and with some literal visual relatability to the music and its scene. The colours and their movement are a direct reference to the rave cultures infamous use of lasers and colourful lighting within a light show. the 3D rendered space portrays a falling symbol about to drop into a menacing repeat of "tss tss tss". The sound heard throughout the Breaks and Techno scene above a 182 BPM breakbeat. 

at the forefront of the space is what appears to be a capsule of some kind. If it were to be found at a rave it would most likely be ecstasy - The forefront drug of the rave scene.